We value wholeness, particularly in what we eat


It is universally accepted that whole grains contribute vitally to a balanced diet that supports our health and wellbeing. We value our environment and maintaining its integrity for future generations is important to us. We choose our suppliers carefully ensuring the product you receive is of the highest quality whilst supporting sustainable agriculture. All of our raw ingredients are GMO free.


We grind whole grains and seeds to make our flour mixes and bread, batch by batch


 Whole grain flours contain oils which go rancid within a short time frame and refined flour has been stripped of its germ and bran containing the essential oils and minerals that are vital for flavour and our health. Grinding fresh ensures you receive the full nutrition on offer. We love making buckwheat crepes for friends and family and seeing their expressions when they taste fresh buckwheat for the first time. We grind small batches to ensure the product you receive is always fresh and tastes as nature intended. Store our flours in the freezer or use within 3 weeks of grind date to get the best flavour and nutrition.



We are a family run business with a passion for real, honest and delicious food that supports people’s health and love for good wholesome fare.


We grind whole grains and seeds to create fresh, clean and nutritious flours.

 Grinder & Grain produces an all-purpose whole grain flour for wholesale and retail. We have devised a wholegrain flour that is versatile, light and delicious and makes for a great alternative to refined white flours.

On our blog you will find recipes and ideas tested and proved as delicious, and as an inspiration toward a journey of exciting, delicious and nutritious baking at home. Like our Facebook page to stay connected with blog updates.

Grinder & Grain runs alongside The People’s Bread Co., our premium quality artisan sourdough bakery in Wanaka, NZ. All of our products are made from freshly stone-ground certified organic flours.


Find us at the Wanaka Farmer’s Market every Thursday from 3-6pm, Ardmore Street in front of Speight’s Ale House


Please feel free to get in touch with us:

T. 021 265 3753